Pop the Question with LAZARE Diamonds® Exclusively from Larry Jewelry The Original Ideal Cut Diamond — Brilliance Like No Other - Larry Jewelry

Pop the Question with LAZARE Diamonds® Exclusively from Larry Jewelry The Original Ideal Cut Diamond — Brilliance Like No Other

LAZARE® Diamond adds the 5th C guaranteeing the world’s only ideal-cut brilliance like no other

By the time the musical hit “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” performed by the actress and Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe was released in 1953, diamonds had become so coveted that until today, most women desire to have at least one in her lifetime, come what may.  From a lyric in the bespoke hit “but I prefer a man who lives and gives expensive jewels”, Miss Monroe had customarily set off every man to winning a woman’s heart by gifting a diamond.  It is understandable then that purchasing the right diamond could present the most overwhelming experience for some, but that shouldn’t be in the least.  Au contraire, shopping for a diamond should be a pleasant event for any couple to treasure so long as they know the attributes that make a diamond truly exceptional.

While it is common knowledge diamonds are evaluated by the 4C’s for Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat-weight, here are additional attributes about LAZARE Diamonds® which make them unique and extraordinary.

The LAZARE Diamond®

And the Ideal Cut Formula

lazare-diamond-inscriptionFor over a century, LAZARE® has fastidiously adhered to a mathematical formula for cutting every diamond to its precise angles and proportions.  To LAZARE®, the formula came to define the “ideal-cut” which maximizes a diamond’s brilliance and hence its beauty. When a diamond is ideally cut, light rays from all sides are bent towards the center of the diamond and are reflected through the top in a blaze of light, displaying a spectacular balance of brilliance, scintillation and fire.

LAZARE Diamonds® are cut consistently to the highest and most stringent standard without exception.  Only 1% to 2% of LAZARE’s production meets the quality and uncompromising ideal-cut standard deserving of the LAZARE Diamond®.

Whilst ideal-cut LAZARE Diamonds® radiate a brilliance you can see, there’s also something brilliant that’s invisible to the eye differentiating them from other diamonds. Using the company’s own patented laser technology, every LAZARE® diamond 0.18 carat and larger bears the LAZARE® logo and is made unique by an identification number, both of which are laser inscribed on its circumference. The logo is the diamond’s proof of authenticity and the unique ID may be used in documenting ownership in the event of loss, theft or dispute.

The 5th C and the Ideal Cut

Of the 4C’s, you may choose to compromise on a diamond’s color, clarity or carat-weight, but to ensure that you have the most beautiful diamond possible, you should never compromise on cut.


By consistently producing ideal-cut diamonds, LAZARE® has added the 5th C for Consistency as a criterion of diamond quality. Although the 5th C moniker may have been done in jest, consistency in ideal-cut is nevertheless an important gauge particularly when purchasing elaborate jewelry such as an opulent necklace encrusted with over a hundred pieces of diamonds. The 5th C ensures the maximum brilliance out of any diamond jewelry especially when it is encrusted with ideal-cut LAZARE Diamonds®.

Buying diamond jewelry with complete confidence makes for a more pleasant shopping experience. To that end, the Larry Jewelry sales team has put together the LAZARE Diamond® guide to help you with an in-depth understanding of your purchases and thereby address and mitigate any concerns you may have.  Visit Larry Jewelry today and ask to see the brilliant LAZARE Diamond® difference.  We think you’ll agree that choosing a LAZARE Diamond® is your most brilliant decision.

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