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Larry Jewelry Unveils the Lazare Diamond Duo (Singapore)

Diamond rings are timeless and often symbols of the profound relationships between couples.  To celebrate such relationships, LAZARE® has created a series of Diamond Duo rings especially for couples seeking to convey their deep bond for each other.

The hallmark of the LAZARE® Diamond Duo centers on a pair of brilliant ideal-cut pieces that are mounted playfully as though they are in a loving embrace.  To all couples looking to celebrate their union, a ring from the LAZARE® Diamond Duo series makes the perfect gift that will leave a lasting legacy.

RollerHeart Ring

b035r1Two brilliant LAZARE® Diamonds are set in RollerHeart elements.  The rings’ design is not lost in translation and genuinely comes across as a couple in a loving embrace.


RollerHeart Ring

b035r2A pair of RollerHeart element is linked just like two lovers cheek to cheek in a dancing embrace such as a sensual tango.  This RollerHeart ring sends more than a subtle message that you are loved.


RollerHeart Ring and Melastoma Ring


Two brilliant LAZARE® Diamonds in varying sizes each adorns the endpoints of this ring’s open band, mounted either in the RollerHeart or Melastoma design. The ring is rife with symbols hinting love is in the air.

RollerHeart Ring

b035r4Five RollerHeart elements, each encrusted with a brilliant LAZARE® Diamond in different sizes create the shank of this ring bursting with the universal symbol of love.


The Lazare RollerHeart Collection is available at both the Paragon & ION Orchard Boutique in Singapore.