Harper's Bazaar event 2018 - Larry Jewelry

Harper’s Bazaar event 2018

An evening of glamour at our Paragon Boutique to showcase the very best of Lazare Diamonds. We want to thank each of the inspiring, beautiful ladies and Harper’s Bazaar for making the evening one to remember! A special thank you to Mr. Charles Rosario, Senior Vice President and Ms. Laura Chow, Regional Director and Vice President of Lazare Kaplan International for shedding light on the iconic brand – The Light of My Life – Lazare!

Photo Credit: Harper’s BAZAAR, Singaporeharpersbazaar-lazare-2harpersbazaar-lazare-5harpersbazaar-lazare-6harpersbazaar-lazare-17harpersbazaar-lazare-18harpersbazaar-lazare-19harpersbazaar-lazare-20harpersbazaar-lazare-21harpersbazaar-lazare-22harpersbazaar-lazare-23